Dr. Francesca Valdemarin
Registered Nutritionist
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Weight loss and well-being

Optimize your health and streamline your weight loss journey with a personalized diet that focuses on holistic well-being, ensuring easier and faster results.

Pathologies and clinical

Enhance your body’s response to medical treatments with a tailored diet designed to boost efficacy through proactive food choices and eliminate those that hinder recovery.

Prevention and familiarity

"Prevention is better than cure"
Fortify your health against hereditary risks with a diet that boosts defences and excludes problematic foods, enhanced by supportive physical activity.


Slow down the signs of aging with a strategic diet focused on intermittent fasting and targeted nutrition that supports cellular health and vitality.


Fuel your athletic performance and recovery with a customized nutrition plan that aligns with your sport's specific needs and optimal timing for food intake.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fertility

Prepare and support your body through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and breastfeeding with a nutrition plan focused on optimal nourishment, ensuring you eat smarter, not more.

I was afraid of feeling hungry and not being able to resist cravings. By following the meal plans, I never felt hungry, and avoiding certain foods was easy. I feel more energetic, and my relationship with food has improved! I didn't feel deprived of the foods I enjoy, and I also experienced a significant improvement in energy levels during physical activity. The knee pain, which was partly due to weight, has almost disappeared. I am very satisfied!

Anti-Infiammatory Diet
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